LungVision™ & Robotics

Make the Most of Your Robotics Investment
with AI-Driven,
Intraoperative CT Imaging
  • Take full advantage of robotic stability and articulation with clear lesion location mapping during navigation, biopsy and therapy delivery
  • Eliminate CT-to-body divergence with tool-in-lesion confirmation to maximize diagnostic yield
  • Experience true real-time imaging with augmented fluoroscopy
  • Boost your practice’s competitive advantage with advanced AI capabilities
Enhance Robotics with Real-Time Imaging
to Improve Targeting Accuracy
Electromagnetic Navigation

Without real-time, intraoperative CT imaging, the electromagnetic navigation (EMN) technology employed by Ethicon’s Monarch and Noah’s Galaxy robot assisted bronchoscopy (RAB) platforms can exhibit significant targeting errors. Only 7.3% of cases show 50% or greater overlap between the navigation target and actual nodule location.

Pritchett MA, Bhadra K, Mattingley JS. Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy With Tomosynthesis-based Visualization and Positional Correction: Three-dimensional Accuracy as Confirmed by Cone-Beam Computed Tomography. J Bronchology Interv Pulmonol. 2021 Jan 1;28(1):10-20.

Without intraoperative CT imaging, the shape-sensing technology employed by Ion can be off by at least 1cm 47% of the time in the upper lobes and 82% of the time in the lower lobes.¹ A recent study demonstrated that, without intraoperative CT imaging, Ion was only able to achieve a diagnostic yield statistically indistinguishable from superDimension’s EMN-based system.²

¹Reisenauer J, Duke JD, Kern R, Fernandez-Bussy S, Edell E. Combining Shape-Sensing Robotic Bronchoscopy With Mobile Three-Dimensional Imaging to Verify Tool-in-Lesion and Overcome Divergence: A Pilot Study. Mayo Clin Proc Innov Qual Outcomes. 2022 Apr 23;6(3):177-185. ²Low SW, Lentz RJ, Chen H, Katsis J, Aboudara MC, Whatley S, Paez R, Rickman OB, Maldonado F. Shape-Sensing Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy vs Digital Tomosynthesis-Corrected Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy: A Comparative Cohort Study of Diagnostic Performance. Chest. 2023 Apr;163(4):977-984.
Easy to Deploy with
Existing Setup
The benefit of being an agnostic system is that LungVision™ provides real-time, intraoperative imaging utilizing your existing C-arm and is compatible with any navigational bronchoscopy system be it a manual catheter or a robot-assisted bronchoscopy (RAB) system.
Total Cost of Ownership
LungVision™ provides comparable clinical outcomes to robotics with CBCT at a fraction of the cost.

While there are benefits to the stability, articulation, and smaller catheter diameters of robotics, clinical evidence shows that real-time imaging is the biggest contributor to diagnostic success.

Don’t take our word for it. Read how Cleveland Clinic demonstrated an 88% diagnostic yield using a manual catheter with LungVision™ for both navigation and real-time imaging at a significant cost savings per case over robot-assisted bronchoscopy (RAB).
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