Diagnostic Yield

Clinically Proven to Maximize Diagnostic Yield
LungVision™ produces real-time, intraoperative 3D images from any conventional C-Arm, enabling you to see the actual lesion during bronchoscopy. This eliminates CT-to-body divergence and provides visual confirmation of tool-in-lesion so that you can biopsy with confidence.
Impact of LungVision™ Image-Guided Biopsy on Diagnostic Yield
In procedures where tool-in-lesion confirmation is achieved, diagnostic yield approaches 91%.
Current Data
Recent clinical data presented at the 2022 CHEST Annual Meeting showed LungVision™ AI-driven intraoperative imaging in combination with the Auris Monarch Robotic Bronchoscopy platform achieved a 91.1% diagnostic yield.
Diagnostic yield achieved in 45 patients at U. of Chicago Medical Center with Body Vision in combination with robotic bronchoscopy.

Diagnostic yield definition similar to BENEFIT trial (malignant + specific benign + non-specific benign with negative 6+ mo. follow-up).

Comparison to Literature
  • Diagnostic yield of bronchoscopy is ~70% regardless of navigation platform
  • Only with intraoperative imaging are diagnostic yields of 90%+ achievable
  • CHEST 2022 presentation showed LungVision™ + Ethicon MONARCH® achieved 91.1% diagnostic yield¹
1 Wagh A. Combining Real-Time 3-D Imaging and Augmented Fluoroscopy with Robotic Bronchoscopy for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Lung Nodules. Chest, Volume 162, Issue 4, Supplement, 2022, Page A2082.
LungVision™ AI Driven Intraoperative CT Imaging vs. Cone Beam CT (CBCT) and 3D C-arms
  • Less Radiation

    Potentially 20% radiation exposure of 3D C-arms
  • Less Time

    No need to leave room and does not require rad tech to optimize image
  • Greater Flexibility

    Can use any C-arm
  • Greater Functionality

    Augmented fluoroscopy for true real-time imaging
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    Fraction of price of CBCT or 3D C-arm
Augmented Fluoroscopy
Fluoroscopy augmented with an overlay of the actual lesion location (vs. a virtual target) enables image-guided navigation and biopsy. Trade blind, "cloud" biopsy for a proven, image-guided approach.
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