Body Vision System
Powerful imaging device driven by artificial intelligence, supporting the whole procedural workflow of navigation bronchoscopy: plan target and pathway, real-time navigation to planned target, true tool in lesion verification, accurate tool guidance during biopsy for optimal sampling.
  • Making any lesion visible and accessible
  • Seamless integration into current workflow
  • Compatible with wide range of C-Arms and other imaging devices
Body Vision Tool
Fully disposable mechanical catheter with superior maneuverability that provides a working channel designed for a wide range of endo bronchial tools and accessories. Seamlessly integrated with the LungVision™ System for simplified access to early-stage peripheral nodules to transform blind biopsy into guided and controlled biopsy.
  • Compatible with a wide range of endobronchial tools
  • Ultimate tip control
  • Superior maneuverability
Advanced Imaging
A real-time, AI Navigation platform that provides easy access to advanced imaging while enabling physicians to localize, visualize, access and sample their target lesion in real time using the tools of their choice.