The Development and Deployment of a Patient-Centric Professional Education Program
Nicole Brough - February 28, 2019

Historically in the medical device space, professional education strategy has been something that’s always talked about, occasionally tracked, and rarely prioritized. Throughout the Body Vision leadership team’s experience in the lung space, we have participated in and been witness to many different types of trainings and education department strategies.

We have watched the medical device professional education space grow from a passive silo to an active business partner for many forward-thinking organizations. As this shift has taken place, the criticality of a patient-centric education program has become more and more apparent—rightfully so.

At Body Vision, as we launch the LungVision™ Platform, we have prioritized the development of a robust, patient-centric education program because we understand that it is essential to building a strong procedural foundation.

A sound professional education program is essential to enable a physician and staff to feel comfortable and confident with a new procedure or technology. This directly impacts our greatest goal, which we share with our customers: to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

As a team, we collectively believe that it is vital to be proactive and not reactive when considering training and education. We view professional education as a journey, not simply a destination.

In order to develop our professional education strategy and program, we started by asking physician and hospital partners, “What are your educational needs?” At the end of the day, our offerings need to match the goals of the people we work to support. The feedback we heard was consistent and resounding: “flexibility... training on-site... different training options based on what we need at the, support, and more support.”

Based on physician goals and our outlook on training, we built our education strategy to lead with a heavy investment of time and resources to ensure that we are offering a physician and/or staff what they need to meet their learning objectives. We developed this program by first outlining the overall curriculum roadmap, with clear objectives and recommendations within each step of the journey based on varying proficiency levels.

Our training program blends adult learning styles with an emphasis on hands-on experiences and continued clinical support and education activities to propel the user through the learning curve and beyond.

Specifically, the LungVision™ training journey begins with an introduction of the technology and complete education program through webinar, and what a physician partner can expect in the coming weeks and months. We then offer on-site hands on training where the physician and staff can learn and practice using the LungVision™ Platform in their own hospital with the same equipment they are comfortable working with every day. On-site training is extended to any staff member who will participate in this procedure so everyone can feel comfortable on day one.

After the first ten LungVision™ procedures, the physician has the option to participate in a proctorship program, meaning we will invite a LungVision™ physician expert in for one day of cases to answer any questions, hone best practices, and offer a peer to peer perspective. Beyond that, we offer ongoing on-site clinical support, advanced or specific training aimed to achieve an identified learning objective.

Each hospital has different needs and requirements; we tailor our approach to make sure that they have what they need to be successful on day one. We have built this in-depth program with the aim to raise the standards for a hospital’s preparedness to begin navigation bronchoscopy using the LungVision™ Platform.

We are launching the LungVision™ Platform, and with it our professional education journey, in the coming weeks. We are committed to keeping an open mind, seeking, accepting, and implementing feedback in both product and training. This openness, flexibility, and responsiveness is essential to the foundation of our organization, which is always operating with a patient and product mindset.

Buckle up! It's going to be an exciting ride...

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