Meet the Body Vision Leadership Team
Nicole Brough - February 29, 2020

At Body Vision Medical, we have worked diligently to build a team of experts. We are honored to bring in and partner with talent that directly supports our mission of providing a cost-effective and clinically superior real-time AI Bronchoscopy platform for early-stage cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Body Vision was founded in 2014 in Tel Aviv. Since then, we have grown from a company of one, to a company of 30 full time employees and approximately a dozen part time employees. Throughout this growth, it remains vital for us to ensure our team is at the top of their game, given the resources to excel and is passionate about the future of navigation bronchoscopy and the medical technology industry. We believe in a future of AI navigation bronchoscopy as the foundation of timely diagnostics and treatment of lung cancer and we won’t stop until we impact the 10% lung cancer survival rate facing society today.

The multinational Body Vision Medical leadership team consists of ten individuals divided between Israel and the Western United States, and is proud to be a 60% female-led organization. In a predominantly male industry, a female-led leadership team is rare, and something that we believe is just another reason that Body Vision is different. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge in both the intra-body navigation and lung cancer spaces. We strive to recruit valuable members from all over the globe and believe that our talent is truly unmatched.

Meet our Leadership Team:

Dorian Averbuch (CEO)

Dorian is the founder of Body Vision Medical and a true pioneer in the field of intra-body navigation. He is well respected and recognized for his desire to push intra-body navigation technology forward in ways that transcend what is currently possible. With over 27 years in the industry, most recently, Dorian joins us from superDimension, an electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy company. Since leaving superDimension, Dorian has worked tirelessly to build his dream team. Many of our employees have years of experience in navigation bronchoscopy and many are former employees or colleagues of Dorian’s.

Jon Ulvestad (VP of Market Development)

Jon joins Body Vision with over 20 years of experience in the medical device field and has been with Body Vision since the beginning. He too began his career in navigation bronchoscopy at superDimension in 2004 and is an expert in intra-body navigation and more specifically, lung navigation. Jon grew up in Minnesota and Illinois until attending the University of Colorado, Boulder. Since finishing school, he has made Colorado his home. Jon is a critical component of our leadership team here at Body Vision. His enthusiasm and positivity about the future of lung cancer diagnostics is unmatched and we’re thankful to have him on board.

As a Colorado resident, Jon loves all mountain-related activities. On the weekends, he can be found skiing, mountain biking, hiking and getting outside in any way possible with his family.

Dima Sezganov (VP of Research & Development)

Dima joins Body Vision with 11 years of experience in the medical device space. This marks the third time that Dima has worked with CEO, Dorian Averbuch, and continues a long standing relationship of trust and expertise in the field. An expert in leading multidisciplinary teams to successful R&D projects, Dima is a critical member of the product team ensuring timelines and deliverables are consistently met. In his time at Body Vision, Dima has built and cultivated a culture for a successful and agile Research and Development organization. His non-hierarchical org is built of self-organizing teams that take full ownership of the product development process, allowing our teams to run as efficiently as possible.

When Dima isn’t working, he spends his free time practicing mixed martial arts and boxing.

Lior Horonchik (VP of Clinical Affairs and Clinical Research)

Lior has been with Body Vision for two and a half years and joins the team with over ten years of experience in Global Pharmaceuticals. She is a key member of our team leading clinical studies that drive new medical technologies and ultimately improve and prolong patient’s lives. Without her work, our every day journey to progress early-stage lung cancer diagnosis and treatment would not be the same.

When Lior gets time off, she can be found jogging.

Benny Krauz (VP of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs)

Benny joins the Body Vision team with over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry, gaining vast knowledge in the fields of cardiovascular, dental & orthopedics. He has been with Body Vision since day one and is a critical member of the team.

He manages our global regulatory and quality activities, supporting production and design activities. This ensures regulatory compliance by providing our different company teams with a better understanding of their roles and duties in order to achieve improvement and company goals.

In his spare time Benny enjoys stand up paddling in the Mediterranean Sea and off road four wheeling.

Nicole Brough (Sr. Director, Professional Education and Marketing Communications)

Nicole also joins the team from Medtronic (superDimension) where she held a lead role on the Global Clinical Education Team, building education programs in China, Japan, Australia, and Europe. She brings a wealth of knowledge in effective marketing strategy as well as professional education that is truly unmatched.

Outside of work Nicole can be found spending time with her husband and daughter. She is also a certified conservation scuba diver and a Yoga instructor.

Dana Halperin (Product Leader)

Dana joined the team in January 2019 from Israeli Intelligence Corps Unit 8200 where she discovered her passion for technology and the way it can make an impact in the world. Her robust experience in the biomedical field and her entrepreneurial skills are helping us every day to revolutionize diagnosis and early-stage treatment of lung cancer.

Dana loves visiting the beach and practicing yoga in her spare time.

Michal Beker (Director of Operations)

In 2016, Michal Beker joined the team. She has been at the forefront of developing complex technologies such as superDimension, MRI and laser systems. Her wealth of knowledge and desire to take on the most complex challenges, make her an invaluable leader here at Body Vision.

Michal loves to spend her free time at her son’s basketball games, cheering him on.

Sharon Shrieber-Shacham (Administration Manager)

Sharon joins the team in 2018, originally coming from Johnson & Johnson Medical. Sharon’s role as Administrative Manager is critical to the success of our product. She is the organizational genius and glue that holds this team together. From overseeing the day-to-day operation of the office, to planning and implementing company activities, to managing the busy schedule of our CEO, her insatiable desire to succeed is unmatched.

When Sharon isn’t at work, you can find her enjoying long hikes and reading.

Hila Angel (VP of Finance)

Hila joins Body Vision with over ten years of experience in financial management. She has extensive experience working within global organizations and previously worked as a CFO at a global e-commerce company. Her relevant background in the industry makes her a wonderful addition to our team.

Outside of work, Hila enjoys spending time with her family and three small children.

As we head into 2020 with a solid foundation, we are eager to continue growing our team here at Body Vision Medical. Please have a look at our open opportunities if you’re interested in joining us in the fight against lung cancer. We look forward to another year of progressing the LungVision Platform and pushing boundaries to provide easier access to advanced capabilities. We would love to bring you on board!

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