Maintaining Product Quality During Scale Up to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Benny Krauz, VP of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs - September 29, 2019

Body Vision Medical has recently entered the market with several disruptive technological products. Since our products are at the start of their commercial journey, we are enriched by this new beginning that’s creating and shaping our future as the leader of navigation bronchoscopy.

Every startup dreams of approaching the production scale-up phase, but is aware that product quality and customer satisfaction has to be handled properly and carefully. While the R&D team focuses its full attention on the next generation product, the balance of the company operations is changing its focus towards production activities. Consequently, the company quality activities must comply with and adapt to this change.

At Body Vision Medical we see the production scale-up as an opportunity to promote and enhance our customer satisfaction through the well-established, ultimate quality management system.

At this stage the evolving startup must continuously deploy and promote activities aiming to mitigate potential new and revised risks that are common during such a transition period.

In order to proceed from low volume production to commercial volumes, the production scale-up activities are associated with concurrent recruiting of new employees and frequent engineering change handling.

Addressing this challenge at Body Vision Medical, means the cross-functional teams are always focused on communication, coordination, evaluation and analysis. Moreover, at the core of our quality management system we established specific and routine abilities to maintain and enhance the product quality:

  • Product quality mindset
  • From day one at Body Vision Medical, a new employee is provided with continuous education and hands-on guidance on the broad medical device field, its requirements, regulatory framework as well as company-specific quality procedures, operation framework and work environment. These are considered the foundation of our product quality.
  • Recurrent training sessions
  • The famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “Change is the only constant in life.” We believe that training is one of the most efficient ways to acknowledge and adopt the on-going change and production process evolution.
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Holding periodic meetings with a quality-focused agenda on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis, is the most efficient way to maintain product quality in general, and especially during the periods of rapid change.
  • Information sharing
  • Organized flow of information sharing inside the company between the members of cross-functional teams, allows our employees to comply with ongoing changes rapidly and drive continual improvement in their daily work. This results in a iterative quality product delivery and the increased satisfaction of our customers.

We believe that our quality-driven product delivery approach will serve as the key driver for our product to become an essential building block of the successful pulmonary diagnostics and treatment procedure.

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