LungVision AI Platform: "The Workhorse of Bronchoscopy"
Nicole Brough - November 11, 2019

The Body Vision team recently returned energized from a great CHEST conference in New Orleans, LA. The excitement the team has is palpable. The reason behind this excitement can be directly attributed to our success at the event. The team experienced overwhelmingly positive physician feedback on the LungVision system throughout hands-on demonstrations, usability sessions with leading physicians, and clinical and panel presentations by KOLs to the medical community.

As with prior conferences, our primary focus at CHEST 2019 was customer feedback on the product. The Body Vision tech suite allows physicians to experience the latest and greatest of technology integrated into our product line firsthand and offer their candid opinions directly to the R&D team, widely presented at the conference. With comments such as, “I could see this being the workhorse of any bronchoscopy suite,” from Dr. Scott Skibo (Haywood Regional) or, “This is a prime time for your technology, addressing the biggest pain we have in pulmonology,” from Dr. Krish Bhadra (CHI Memorial), it is clear that the current, commercially available version of the LungVision Platform has hit the nail on the head.

The team at Body Vision is constantly striving to push the boundaries of innovation based on physician feedback and what is needed to improve patient care. This is why we put an emphasis on listening to the “voice of the customer” during usability sessions in our tech suite. These sessions are led by our catheter and software engineers. Our team takes the feedback from these sessions and translates it into our product development priorities. An example of this in practice is the evolution of our disposable tool. Over the course of the past three years it went through 14 iterationsreaching superior ergonomic and navigation performance quality in the eyes of our users. The response to the LungVision tool and the timeline in which our team developed it is additional confirmation that we are truly operating with a product mindset.

We also had the opportunity to host two poster discussions from Dr. Whitten and Dr. Gershman, as well as two podium presentations. Dr. Joseph Cicenia (Cleveland Clinic) discussed the preliminary results of the CCF experience with LungVision and Dr. Bhadra shared a brief background on the technology and how it is fundamentally different from anything else on the market. These presentations resulted in a robust group discussion about the future of the navigation space, which LungVision is poised to play a critical part in.

LungVision is providing easy access to advanced capabilities in the procedure room. We are proud to make this technology accessible to pulmonary physicians at any hospital and any bronchoscopy suite, streamlining their existing equipment and resources in an efficient way. We are bringing this cost-effective solution to the market, supported by our passionate and enthusiastic customers. If you weren’t able to attend the presentations, a video of the talk and the accompanying slides will be made available on the clinical page of the Body Vision website.

After such an exciting conference, the Body Vision team is ready to take on 2020 with expanded commercial operations and a multi-site clinical trial for the next generation of our LungVision Platform.

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