Great Products are Made by Outstanding Teams
Body Vision Medical - December 10, 2018

We see our mission in bridging the gap of lung cancer diagnostics and treatment, aiming to reduce the lung cancer mortality rate on the planet. Our commitment and dedication is crucial to the success of our mission. As many practical teams, we possess authentic and original ideas, we encourage teamwork, integrity, and professionalism in our daily work. To ensure user satisfaction from our products, we have adopted the user-centered design framework, where physicians are the center of  our “product universe.” Most of you would agree that our approach, combined with iterative development framework, makes an essential foundation of a good product and sustainable business. Some products are better than others, but “good” is not enough for the Body Vision Team.  

How can we act to build a great product?

We believe that great products are made by outstanding teams; therefore, we invest a superior effort in human resources and team-building activities. Our culture inspires challenges and achievements; however, the ways to achieve our goals and our communication habits are equally important.

Once a year we like to take a break from the daily routine and review the accomplishments of the preceding year while building a shared vision for the future. These meetings are always inspiring us, enabling the whole-team learning and information sharing, catalyzing for improvement and driving us to improve the capacity and quality of our work. Indeed, the outstanding teams with an edge are focused on an exceptional level of communication and mutual trust.

This year, during our annual meeting in November we acknowledged a synergy and excitement in light of the effective product reveal during the CHEST 2018 convention in San Antonio, TX. We discussed the shared values that make our team stand out from the others. Among those we identified the creativity of “out of the box” thinking as well as flexibility and adaptability to meet shared goals.

We also discovered a lot of similarity between technology and art since both demand creativity, perfection, and a focus on details. Both art and technology challenge our perception, pushing us to see beyond the limits and go outside of our comfort zone. Although we don’t have graphic artists or painters on our creative engineering team, we decided, with our common passion, to materialize our shared vision into collaborative painting as a first step of making our vision into reality.

What a great and fun way to start the new business year!

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