Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
Body Vision Medical - November 09, 2023

Clinician and Institution Profile

Private Practice Serving 3 Community Hospital System

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

East Norriton, PA

Type of Facility: Community

Type of Control: Voluntary non-profit

Total Staffed Beds: 175

Total Patient Revenue: $1,224,177,000

Total Discharges: 11,863

Total Patient Days: 51,545

LungVisionTM Acquisition: 2022

Nina Maouelainin, DO

Interventional Pulmonologist, Founder and CEO of Lung Health Services

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

East Norriton, PA

LungVisionTM Trained: 2022


Lung Health Services was interested in providing minimally-invasive, state-of-the-art technology that:

  • Provided access to tertiary care for patients without forcing them to leave their communities.
  • Enabled earlier diagnosis of lung cancer to provide best possible outcomes for patients.
  • Minimized outflow of patients from system as well as attracted additional patients from surrounding areas both near and far.
  • Acquired LungVision™ in 2022 and initially used concurrently with Veran to ascertain clinical and financial differences between two systems.
  • Looking to acquire second additional LungVision™ system for second high-volume site of care. 

Clinical and Financial Impact

Based on data presented by Nina Maouelainin, DO.1


Lung Health Services’ acquisition of LungVision™ AI-driven image guidance enabled them to…

  • Improve their diagnostic yield by 10% (from 79% to 89%) over cases in which they used Veran EMN system
  • Save $303K a year over the use of Veran (savings of $1,062 to $1,900 per-case)
  • Grow procedural volume by 92% over one year, primarily through marketing the lung nodule program and their use of leading- edge technology to referral network, drawing 65% of patients from outside the system
  • Retain 100% of diagnosed patients – including those from outside the system – within the system, resulting in $8.3M in incremental revenue for the hospital


¹Maouelainin, N. (2023, August 24). Novel Model: A Private IP Practice. American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology 6th Annual Conference. Chicago, Illinois, USA. (bodyvisionmedical.com/videos/aabip-2023-lunchsymposium). ²Incremental downstream revenue based on number of additional diagnosed patients from increase in 10% diagnostic yield, assumptions that 50% of additional diagnosed patients diagnosed with cancer, 28% private payor / 72% Medicare-Medicaid payor mix, with 35% undergoing radiation therapy, 15% undergoing lung resection, 50% undergoing chemotherapy, 80% undergoing PET scans, 100% undergoing additional CT scans, and 100% undergoing pulmonary function test reimbursed at the national average for the appropriate CPT code. ³Projected cost savings based on actual savings as reported by Dr. Maouelanin projected over all cases performed in 2022. ⁴Incremental revenue estimated by multiplying number of patients referred from outside the hospital system allocated at the same percentage as all LHS referrals reimbursed at the national average for the appropriate CPT code.

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