1:1 With Dr. Mathew from WVU Camden Clark Medical Center
Body Vision Medical - February 24, 2022

In this blog, Body Vision Medical sits down with Dr. Roshen Mathew, Interventional Pulmonologist at WVU Camden Clark Medical Center, where he successfully built a Thoracic Oncology Program and is now in the process of building a Lung Nodule Program.

Dr. Mathew is the only interventional pulmonologist in the Mid-Ohio region and one of two in the entire state. Read how Body Vision’s advanced intraoperative CT imaging system provides him the real-time, tool-in-lesion confirmation he needs to definitively diagnose his lung patients.

How were you first introduced to Body Vision and what intrigued you about it?

I’ve been watching Body Vision’s evolution for some time and I knew several peers of mine who were successfully using the technology. When it came time to seek out a solution that would help me build the [lung nodule] program, it came down to a robot or an advanced real-time imaging and navigation system. After exploring all of the options, I ultimately decided on the solution that made the most clinical and financial sense and would support the growth of the Lung Nodule Program. For me, that was Body Vision.


What has been your initial experience with Body Vision been like thus far?

As with any new system, there is a learning curve. But once you get over those initial 10-12 cases, it’s basically like doing a routine IP procedure. With Body Vision’s intraoperative imaging, I’m able to do what I need to do to get a definitive diagnosis for my patients. My experience so far has been really good and I now use Body Vision for every one of my cases. I also like the fact that there are very few disposables, allowing me to better control costs.


Dr. Roshen Mathew and his team at WVU Camden Clark Medical Center after their first cases with Body Vision.

What does Body Vision provide that previous technologies did not?

With other navigation systems, I’ve always had problems with CT-to-body divergence. There was always the fundamental issue of not knowing whether or not you were really at the lesion and always trying to chase the virtual, green ball with Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) never gave me the confidence I needed. With Body Vision, I have the capability to verify that I am really where I need to be using a C-arm which is readily available to me in my OR. Having this real-time, intraoperative CT imaging allows me to easily verify where the lesion is and then double and triple verify that I am at the lesion before I move forward with biopsy.


Have you been trying to image tool-in-lesion with our system?

I do perform a tool-in-lesion C-arm spin every time as I find a lot of value in knowing that my tool is within the lesion. I can confirm using Body Vision’s intraoperative CT and 3D imaging to be sure I’m within the lesion prior to taking my biopsy.


If you were speaking with a colleague that was considering acquiring a Body Vision system, what would you tell him or her or what would that conversation look like?

I would tell them that with Body Vision, you have the ability to use your bronchoscopy skills and any tool of your choice; that you will be able to really confirm you are at the lesion with live, tool-in-lesion confirmation during biopsy. Unless you have consistent, easy access to a cone-beam CT room, there is no other imaging modality that I can think of that will better help you successfully biopsy from lung nodules, including those of the sub-centimeter variety. The fact that it’s a very cost-effective solution with a very small footprint in your procedural room is an added bonus.


What potential do you see for Body Vision technology in the future?

As Body Vision continues to evolve, I think it will get to a place where it can safely be used for minimally-invasive ablation of nodules. This will be huge.

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