Client Success Management and Customer Engagement
Dana Halperin, Product Lead - August 31, 2019

Customer success and engagement are key factors for business success. At Body Vision, our customers are our highest priority, so we invest considerable thought and effort into building the best product possible, and ensuring it’s used in the most effective and beneficial way.

By nurturing customer success and satisfaction, our users become “brand evangelists” who are keen to spread the word about Body Vision’s state-of the-art LUNGVISION™ platform to colleagues and patients.

Our customer success approach incorporates 5 key principles:

1). Design the product together

We build our product for our users, with our users. At different phases of the feature development cycle we ask our customers for feedback and listen closely to what they say. This allows us to improve our products and services so it meets their needs and is easy to operate effectively.

2). Perform satisfaction surveys

At the end of each procedure we take a short survey to learn about our customers’ experience and to hear their thoughts on the various aspects of our products and services. These surveys help us to identify the strength of our product and where we can improve, while enabling us to measure those improvements over time.

3). Nurture the relationship

We want our customers to know they are important to us so we develop and maintain a close relationship by sending updates, surveys, educational materials and feature suggestions on a weekly-monthly basis. Our customers may contact us at any time – 24/7 – for feature requests, feedback or to brainstorm innovative ideas that we can promote together. This way they stay continuously updated and their success is constantly improving.

4). Provide comprehensive educational programs

For high usability and improved performance of our product, we guide our customers through a comprehensive training plan that is always being fine-tuned. This ensures our users become familiar with the products capabilities and that they learn to use them in the most effective way, as quickly as possible.

5). Give on-site support

When needed, the on-site support is provided by Body Vision Account Manager who is skilled to resolve the potential issues or address questions the customer may have from time to time.

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