A Breakdown of the Body Vision System
Body Vision Medical - March 10, 2021

Body Vision was founded out of a clear need to improve early lung cancer diagnostics. Our technology offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution powered by Data Science that enables physicians to reach nodules of the lung in real time. We know that reimbursement for lung diagnostic procedures is limited and we deeply understand the spatial and economic constraints in the hospital. This is why we designed LungVision to provide high clinical outcomes at a low operational cost. 

Dr. Krish Bhadra shares, “When evaluating options, LUNGVISION™ can increase hospital’s profit margins. Everyone can benefit including the hospital cost-conscious administrators, the provider seeking an innovative navigation platform, and most importantly, the patients.”

Today, in an overloaded procedure room with tons of hardware, where a variety of electronic equipment clutters every inch of the procedural space, a device with a small footprint is highly desirable. With this in mind, we designed our products to have modest operational costs and seamlessly integrate with a wide range of pre-existing endobronchial tools.

The LungVision™ System is comprised of the following:

1) Main Unit: This device, powered by Artificial Intelligence, comes preinstalled with all necessary LungVision™ software. Its portable and seamless body does not interfere with any procedural equipment, can fit in any small space, and does not have to be in close proximity to the patient bed like other products assembled on a large cart. Furthermore, LungVision™ advanced imaging can be displayed on any monitor in the room in accordance with the physician’s choice. This provides unmatched flexibility.  

2) Tablet: The tablet acts as the remote control of the entire LungVision™ system and is used in the pre-procedure planning, navigation and controlled biopsy sampling phases. It’s mobile and completely cable-free, so physicians can move freely around the procedure room and manage the entire procedure from scope in to scope out, all at the tip of their finger.

3) Disposable Procedural Kit: The Disposable Procedural Kit provides exceptional access to the periphery of the lung, tip control, and maneuverability while remaining compatible with any bronchoscope and accommodating a wide range of standard endobronchial tools of the user’s choice. By design, our disposable kit does not include any sensors or cameras so it does not interfere with metal and it can be operated at a considerably lower cost than expensive alternatives needed in ENB systems.

We are committed to providing easy access to advanced imaging by maximizing existing equipment in the procedure room, therefore, reducing startup and operating costs and enabling more hospitals to seamlessly integrate Body Vision technology. The growing number of hospitals using LungVision™ means increased potential to diagnose and treat cancerous lung lesions early, therefore resulting in improved patient outcomes and more human lives saved.

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