Main Unit
By means of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the LungVision™ system supports the entire navigation bronchoscopy procedural workflow: Plan target and pathway, real-time navigation to planned target, true tool-in-lesion confirmation, and accurate tool guidance during biopsy for optimal sampling.
  • Powerful AI technology in a compact, state-of-the-art design
  • Portable, small and seamless
  • No electro-magnetic interference due to the lack of electromagnetic sensors
Procedural Kit
Fully disposable mechanical catheter with superior maneuverability designed to provide a working channel for a wide range of endobronchial tools. Seamlessly integrated with LungVision™ to provide real-time, interoperative imaging during navigation and tool-in-lesion confirmation.
  • Exceptional access, tip control and maneuverability
  • Compatible with most bronchoscopes including the latest robotic bronchoscopy platforms and accommodates a wide range of endobronchial tool
  • Affordable design with no sensors or cameras
Innovative tablet provides total control of the LungVision™ system including planning and procedure management from any location in the room wirelessly.
    Body Vision’s C-Arm Based Tomography (CABT)
    Navigation and biopsy assisted by real-time intraoperative imaging that enables visual confirmation of tool-in-lesion prior to biopsy, using any conventional C-arm.