AI-Driven Intraoperative
CT Imaging
A Breakthrough Innovation in Lung Cancer Diagnostics
Tool-in-Lesion Confirmation
Visual confirmation of tool-in-lesion enables you to be confident you’re biopsying from within the lesion.
Superior Clinical Outcomes
LungVision's intraoperative CT imaging and Augmented Fluoroscopy provides you unprecedented control over your diagnostic yield by eliminating CT-to-body divergence and providing visual confirmation of tool-in-lesion prior to biopsy.
Seamless Integration
The LungVision™ system seamlessly integrates with most C-arms, navigation systems, biopsy tools, and bronchoscopes - including robotic bronchoscopy platforms - that you may already have in the procedure room.
Financial Benefits
  • Cutting-edge technology elevates lung program visibility, driving growth in market share.
  • Higher diagnosis rate = greater patient retention and downstream revenue.
  • Lower cost-per-case compared to existing navigation platforms.
Featuring 3D Tool-in-Lesion Confirmation
Featuring 3D Tool-in-Lesion Confirmation
Our Advantages
% of Lesions we can see
Lesion localization accuracy as confirmed by CBCT
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Cost savings
Per procedure versus other navigation modalities
Patients served
Diagnostic Yield
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